We are Phoenix Valley Based. 

We are Phoenix Proud

We are actually headquartered in Phoenix, Chandler and Gilbert Arizona

Cleaning turf can be done on your own. There. We said it. 

You can do it!

  • Rake the turf
  • Spray the turf
  • Blow off the turf
  • Stomp down problem areas
  • Pick up poo
  • Spray Febreeze®

All of these things are… great. (except the spraying chemicals part)

But here’s the crash course in what we can provide in a simple one-day visit, and then at intervals that fit for your schedule:

  • Rebloom the turf using rotary re-bloomer
  • Remove odors for good using specialized organic chemicals
  • Repair ugly areas and replace infill 
  • Get that nice fluffy grass back 
  • Tamp edges
  • Powerwash and drain
  • Restore original love for yard!